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About us

Interiors with glow, elegance and class.

Studio Italia specialises in the execution of exclusive residential interiors, mansions, apartments in the range of professional design, arrangement and execution. The activity of our Studio is based on cooperation with prestigious companies, mainly Italian, classified as the world's market leaders. Our current offer includes furniture from nearly 50 renowned companies - classic and modern, for the kitchen, dining room, living rooms, bedrooms, closets and cabinets. We also have a wide selection of decorative lighting. Accessories and elements of interior design (mirrors, curtains, paintings, carpets) and household appliances complement our range of furniture. The exhibition in the Studio is based on the arrangement with the use of all elements of the offer; furniture is complemented by lamps, paintings and other accessories, and in the kitchens there are shown various elements of equipment.

The offer of Studio Italia suits all those who require elegance, design, excellent quality and Italian style in the interiors, who also appreciate the comfort and ergonomic design solutions. Our long experience in interior decoration always guarantees perfect results.