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OLYMPIA is a model with neo-classic inspiration. Classical beauty revised in the light of our times, updated in forms and finishes. The name pays homage to the holy city of the Ancien Greece, the cradle of Olympic Games with the wonderful Zeus Temple. These elements confirm the modernity of those values, both philosophical and aesthetic, of the classical-Hellenic world.

OLYMPIA shows a completely lacquered molded shutter with the possibility to choose the central panel customized with decorated glasses with finishes crocodile leather-effect.
Handles, knobs, display cabinets, mullions, mouldings, hoods and accessories embellish this model, for a scenic and explosive beauty in forms and finishes.

OLYMPIA has been thought for a client who loves classical beauty with a contemporary taste. A client who is proud to show the majesty of the kitchen he owns and who loves the richness of the polish lacquered finish and refined forms.