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Klasyczne meble kuchenne
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GRANGALA, a stylish show, a high society ball, a rendezvous between extraordinary people, a moment to put your best dress on, to choose your best hairdo for the big occasion and look after every details. This model represents the excellence of a meticulous work, of the touch of the artisan, of the detail rich in quality and taste. A combination of decorations, coatings and finishes embellished by gold and silver details, by nuances and recall to the classic art and fine cabinetry.

GRANGALA is rich of solutions which allow an exuberant modularity framed in a particularly luxurious classical style.

GRANGALA has been designed for a public who is in search of a really distinctive classic product, full of high-level recalls and luxury details. Clients and architects who desire to furnish their settings in a branded way, with richness in fine decorative elements recalling classic antiquity.