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Studio Italia Berloni
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GINEVRA in italian language is GENEVA is a city known for the production of precision instruments. In the midst of a certain rigor formal, and at the same time with some concession to neo-classical details that enrich it in a sober way, GENEVA is born, a model with one door with frame and flat front door panel, heated by pastel shades with colors recalling the soil and by the availability of moulding and decorative elements that allow a certain compositional versatility. It is a soberly elegant model, suitable to furnish as the apartments of the city as the contemporary country houses. 

GINEVRA speaks to a quite heterogeneous audience. Modernists seeking for a product which is not too minimalist, families who love a not too classical sash frame, young people who love a classic style but modern at the same time, restrained Neoclassical style lovers, architects with sensitivity to a center Europe taste, eager to avoid the excessive coldness and stiffness of the kitchen coming from those areas.