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Kitchen ATHENA

Tradycyjne włoskie meble
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ATHENA is inspired by mediterranean environment, which is traditional and rich in flavors. Old times kitchen, at the same time classical, beautiful, rich in family atmosphere. This type of kitchen has been restyled in the new fashion, strongly influenced by colors and feeling of the islands-homes, of Provence and Mediterranean area.
Enriched by the soft nuances of Nature, of middle seasons, of rosemary perfumes and the sea vastness. The kitchen ingredients influence the pastel shades, the daily life in this part of the world and all the rest.

ATHENA is ideal to a clientele who is in love with tradition. A client enjoying the classical kitchen style, yet bright, light and recalling a pleasant family atmosphere. Thanks to the restyling with fresh and informal pastel shades, the kitchen can speak to the younger customer, too.